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Project inevitable parked in a driveway

Working with Jeremy through the purchase of Project IN3VTBL, has been a wonderful experience! He has been highly professional and his passion for this project shows in the build! He is highly knowledgeable about each step of the process and took his time to explain how his vision became a reality, that now sits in my driveway! 


As we were searching for the perfect next car, I did extensive research and test drove several beautiful and highly popular cars, but in the end I could not be more happy with our selection on Jeremy's build.  It is unique, designed with care and truly represents a one of one car that perfectly fits what I was looking for.  It drives like a dream and provides a fun experience every time I get behind the wheel. 


From the initial communication through the delivery of the car, it was a five star experience and I look forward to seeing what Brindle Concepts comes up with next! 


Thank you Jeremy and Heather aka Brendle Concepts for building something we look forward to driving and having fun with for years to come! 





2016 custom Mustang GT

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