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Jeremy Brendle is the designer, fabricator, and builder behind Brendle Concepts. His obsession with cars and motorcycles began at the age of nine, when he was given a mini bike with a seized motor. Without guidance, he was able to figure out what was wrong, replace the parts, and get it running again. That experience sent him down the path of learning auto mechanics, welding, and fabrication with metal and composites.

Jeremy has spent the last 25 years honing his skills as a fabricator and brings a unique style to his projects. He has an innate ability to look at a vehicle and see what it could be, turning it into something truly custom. His signature is creating aggressive, yet elegant designs and his distinctive style and extraordinary talent are the cornerstones of Brendle Concepts.

Jeremy Brendle standing beside Project Inevitable 2020 Mustang GT custom
Jeremy Brendle riding custom Victory Cross Roads for Baggers Magazine
2016 custom Mustang GT

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